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Remodeling Costs

What Does it Cost to Remodel an Older Home?

Note: These costs are only approximate, and should be used as a budgeting tool only. There are many factors that change the price of a project. Every remodeling project is unique, as is the cost of having it completed. Sometimes home owners are concerned with returns on investment. As a rule, you should expect 50 to 65% back on resale after one year, according to an annual survey taken by Remodeling Magazine and Realtors nationwide. Click here to see the results of the most recent survey done.



Basic Powder Room Remodel - $12,000 and up A basic powder room remodel includes replacing all plumbing fixtures to existing copper pipes, installing new tile on the floor, replacing the toilet with a comfort-height toilet, replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink and installing a new mirror or medicine cabinet.
Complete Hall Bathroom Remodel - $25,000 and up Because Harth Builders works on older homes as well as new ones, it is both common and recommended that the old galvanized and lead pipes be upgraded to copper and ABS. We also "highly" recommend that a good exhaust fan be installed in the ceiling and exit to the outside (not into the attic). Common requests include retiling the bath and adding a 42" wainscot, tile on the walls, new vanity, granite counter, sink and faucet.
Complete Master Bathroom Remodel - $45,000 and up Today's affluent homeowners are looking for spaces to relax in, including whirlpool tubs, frameless glass showers, full-tiled showers, linen cabinets, comfort-height toilets, and granite counters. Often, we will replace the window and move the plumbing and fixtures around to make better use of the limited space. All this, as well as the above work, is included in the Complete Master Bathroom Remodel.
Basic Kitchen Remodel - $48,000 and up If your kitchen was remodeled relatively recently, so that the plumbing and electrical are up to building code, AND the cabinet configuration and appliance location is okay, then we can remove and replace the cabinets, countertops, flooring and any other finishes and replace them with all new products in the same location. Sometimes we will "discover" a good looking wood floor under the existing linoleum if yours is an older home. This approximate price includes a laminate countertop with granite optional.
Complete Kitchen Remodel - $68,000 and up If your kitchen has not been upgraded in a long time, or was not remodeled properly, then you will probably need to upgrade your electrical service, install new plumbing, and install an exhaust vent system. It is also quite possible that a considerable amount of work may be necessary to finish the floors, walls and ceilings. Often with a complete kitchen we will relocate the appliances and even move structural walls to create the best possible kitchen configuration for your home.
Basement - $45,000 and up In older homes, this work often requires bringing your electrical system, plumbing, and heat up to code or at least improved and maintenance free. Once we have removed the unnecessary walls, rerouted and repaired the mechanical systems, then we can create for you anything from a luxurious master suite, home entertainment center, work out room, family room, rec room or additional bedrooms. Check with us to see how your basement can be transformed into a well lit and comfortable addition to your home. We can install basement access/egress windows or a Bilco door/stairs per new code.
Attics - $55,000 and up Unfinished second or third stories are a great, inexpensive way to add a spare bedroom, playroom, or office to your house, especially in Cape Cod style homes. We can raise a portion of the roof with a shed or gable dormer, giving you additional square footage. This work would include cleaning up the existing space, framing new walls, and electrical work, insulating, drywall, and painting. To finish the room, carpet is installed on the stairs and floor to muffle noise to the occupants below. Ceilings usually are sloped to allow for greater square footage upstairs. A through-the-wall heat pump/AC unit normally provides plenty of cooling and heating to make the entire room comfortable year-round.
Additions - $250 per square foot and up Harth Builders has received some prestigious awards and created impressive changes to our clients' homes over the years for design and construction of additions. Whether it be a small backyard addition or a full second-story, we are capable of creating for you the space and environment you want and need.
Whole House Renovations - $100 per square foot and up Every so often we meet someone who has purchased a great house in a great neighborhood that needs significant work to turn it into a home they want to live in. There are many factors to consider when pursuing this type of project and it is recommended that you not start any work without a "master plan" for the entire home.
Decks - $50 to $175 per square foot In the summer months, we are asked to build a few decks and or patio covers. We take great pride in the quality of our deck construction. We use only the best materials installed in the best way to produce for you a deck that will last for many years. Newer materials that include Boardwalk, Timbertech, IPE, and Cedar are often requested.


Door Replacement - $3500 and up each It is not uncommon to have to replace an exterior door 15 to 20 years after your house was built. Life expectancy of these doors depends on several things, including the quality of the door, how well it was installed originally and the maintenance the door has received. We will confirm whether the style of the door still fits your current lifestyle. Perhaps French Doors make more sense instead of sliders, or vice versa. When replacing door units, we often remove rotted brickmold on the exterior and replace with maintenance free vinyl PVC and can provide options to upgrade the door including blinds between the glass or phantom screens.
Vinyl or Fiberglass Window Replacements - $700 and up each Harth Builders is a dealer for several high quality window products, including Certainteed, Anderson, Pella, and Marvin. These energy efficient windows upgrade the appearance and performance of your home significantly.
Wood Window Replacements - $950 and up each Harth Builders offers a complete sash-only replacement program with exterior clad and interior paint grade or stain grade pine. You are not stuck with the same color in every room on the inside as well as the outside.
Wood Window Full Replacements - $1400 and up each If you are interested in a full replacement window project, we will remove your entire window, sashes, frames and all, and replace them with several brands of high quality, high efficiency windows as well as replace or install interior wood trim around these windows.
Energy Audit - $770 and up Evaluate the ‘leakiness’ of your home by performing a blower door test. To properly conduct this, we need a temperature differential of 15 degrees between the interior and exterior of the house. We will provide thermal imaging photos showing problematic areas of the house and recommended fixes to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.
Attic Fans - $600 each Proper attic ventilation is very important for the longevity of your attic as well as keeping your cooling bill down in the summer. An attic fan that is sized for your attic with a thermostat and humidistat will significantly help the comfort of your 2nd floor. Typcial removal of existing and replacement, provided electric is already run.
Pipe Collars - $200 each While the roof on your house is good for 30 years, the pipe collars are only good for 10 and are often the cause of leaks in the 1st floor ceilings. This includes removal and replacement, along with reweaving shingles around new flashing.
Time & Materials (T&M) - $75/MH & 30% on materials When the scope of work cannot be clearly defined, it makes sense for both the home owner and Harth Builders to proceed with a Time & Materials agreement (T&M) which protects both parties. Only the actual cost of the work is billed to the client. This also works well for small jobs (less than one day in duration).